ROMAN NAILS "Chiseler" C15
(Night People Records)

Roman Nails is a dude and his looped modular synthesizer and countless pedals and an old drum machine.
Roman Nails is ominous as fuck, enchanting/possessing various parts of the body, jerking them sporadically. This is known to many as dancing.
Roman Nails is Steve Reich’s maybe distant millennial nephew, ‘lectrifying polyrhythic phrases, converting them to the dark side.
Roman Nails’s “Chiseler” is incredibly short, but listenable to over and over again cz you totally missed like at least TWO of the SIX or so layers the last time they came around.
Roman Nails is the reason you own good headphones.
Roman Nails is a fitting contributor to Night People’s mind-warping roster of awesomer.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan