"Countrycide” C28
(Push and Pull Records)

Well, I reckon you’re safe to assume that “Countrycide” falls under the umbrella of “cow-punk”; but what you just don’t know is how gaht-dhamn perfectly this Madison, WI trio integrates the very best of ‘90s surf-punk aesthetics whilst effortlessly exercising said cow-punk themes. All three of these shit-kickin’ musicians are dialed-the-fuck-in, seamlessly passing the Show-Off-Yr-Chops baton to churn out sing-along jam after gang-vocal’d anthem! Even the bass player gets a turn at breaking away from the expected stalwart ostinato scaffolding in order to expertly freak/flesh out a handful of songs! &without a single slow number to be heard, this half-hour debut comes screeching to a close FAR before you’re ready to hang up your boots. Keep on killin’ it, WC!

RIYL: Swingin’ Utters, Dead Kennedys, Meat Puppets


-- Jacob An Kittenplan