ITCH PRINCESS "Everyone's a Doctor" (Truly Bald)

Some fantastic disengage your brain type stuff, Itch Princess's Everyone's a Doctor seems to combine experimental pop and R&B, hard rock, and virtuosically complex live drumming with dense vocal harmonies via Minneapolis' Katelyn Farstad and a roster of role players; this is some unique music.
Some of the songs are reminiscent of a jazzier, more abstract Kate Bush making dub music.

Some of the sections in the songs are straight progressive rock such as in "Being Totally Useless" and "Blue and White".  Some songs are indictive of even the Residents or Jefferson Airplane. The aggressive prog-rock drumming becomes the signature to the sound. "Nothing To Do With Love" has a break down with flams elaborate enough for a Ruins record.  Some of the tracks almost touch on abstract R&B or soundscape drum machine & keyboard driven funk (particularly "Second Row" or "The Lemongrass Zone"); while the album features acoustic guitars at times it also edges on noise rock and modern classical composition through out.

Look for it soon on Truly Bald! 

-"Jamband" Josh Brown