"Back To The Warmth” C46
“Safe & Sound/Self-Titled” C60

Not even Re-Motely near the beaten path ‘twixt Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, a psychedelic rock trio refuses to iron out their heavy space-rock jams, preferring instead to indulge in digging heals deeper and deeper into every other passing meteor.  In their shed (that’s Midwestern for “in-law unit”), neighboring both river and state forest, they dutifully refine their creative selves, becoming an unstoppable force, sending out psych-bluesy riffs out past the aether, into infinity. Locally, deer, wood-nymph, and Bud-wiser pilferer are happily enchanted. In unison, heads will loll.

Mostly comprised of drums, guitar, and synthesizer, Ruckzuck fill in all necessary nhooks & crannies, even eschewing possible layered vocals for a most direct, most poignant delivery…well…as far as heavily pedal’d/augmented vocals do.

&Much like their geographic location, their influences range far & wide, between Acid King, Broadcast, the Breeders, and beyond. These inspired-yet-non-derivative qualities yield pensive explorations, Appalachian-solid hooks, cosmic mental vacations, and, pretty much always, a damn fine time. Rife with ear worms AND meditations, their releases are not to be ignored.

Listening with and without (decent) headphones will prove equally rewarding, so allow yourself a two-for-one experience.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan