XOXO TECH "Alien Dream Software"
(self released)

A dynamic combination of sophisti-pop and italo-disco; this Minneapolis duo, comprised of Mariel Olivera and Joe Burns, first release is uplifting and superb!  With soundscapes, synthesizers, saxophones, heavy beats, pitch corrected vocals, and timbre morphs galore in addition to their unpredictable but catchy songwriting; XOXO Tech's approach is warm post-futurism with polyrhythmic counterpointed riffs. 

Combining pop and straight dance music into a unique blend with a fresh approach, Mariel and Joe's vocals are sublime and the overall aestethic takes a page from a book I've yet to read. Hooks. LOTS of hooks! The music itself is evocative of Janet Jackson, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Erasure, and obviously a little Madonna.. but way more prog. Cyndi Lauper, Prince, and Kraftwerk also come to mind!! The lyrics are poetic and the parts have the abstract arrangements of a modern classical composer.  This is really one of the more clever releases I've heard in a long time.

My favorite track on this EP by far is "Red Hot" with catchy chorus "I Don't Want to Stopppp Loving You". /Alien Dream Software// is available as a self release now to order on cassette from their bandcamp!!

-- Josh Brown