(La Rosa Nostra)

HDCLNR cranks out monthly installments of lo-fi jams from artists of varying stripes, culling their (mostly ritualistic/meditative/narrative) sounds into 45+ minute batches, a dozen or so tapes made each time around. These bedroom-conjured, often barebones recordings lend an intimate earnestness that may very well be the antidote to radio’s formulaic overproduction, and it’s this humble production style that ties so many different genres into one cohesive offering. Each release is a journey through solo percussion explorations, bard’s lamentations, shoe(stringbudget)gaze jams, and a whole host of other outsider stuff, and, via the bandcamp link below (only), you can have 9+ hours worth of ‘em delivered to your front door for a song. Feeling as curious as I am?

-- Jacob An Kittenplan