"Sequencer Works Volume Three" C90
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You know that scene in Cool Hand Luke, where Paul Newman is getting worn down to the bone by the warden, told to dig a hole, then fill it, then dig it again, then fill it again, over & over, on & on? I imagine that THAT’s what Arvo Zylo’s late 90’s sequencer knobs must have felt like, so mercilessly twerked & oscillated to the ends of the Earth, much like rusted keys struggling with the locks to the Gates of Hades.

& Let the above stretched analogies parallel this documented output from said Yamaha RM1X Sequencer; both creators haphazardly exploring the yields of their craft, if only to produce personal documents of growth and chops. Unapologetically honest and unselfconscious.

“Sequencer Works Volume Three” is an hour and a half of some of Arlo Zylo’s earliest works, and it’s one hell of a trip. In a phrase, “Stream of Uncompromising Counterpuntal Consciousequences” would be best fitting, here. Save two tracks (out of 17) every sound was coaxed from said sole sequencer, with sonic overload as a Means, not just an End. The result is gritty, dynamic, glitchy, raw, & pregnant with possible interpretations, aversions, and oddly infectious earworms.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan