FURNITEUR “Perfect Lavender”
(Prince George Records)

Omg at first I was like oh dang it this is gonna be a hard one to talk about because I don’t even like 80’s music when it was from the 80’s. But when the second song started and the singer was singing about how American girls aren’t on her radar my attention was piqued. The chorus comes in and the singer talk/sings “I’m a brat, I’m a brat” a few times and it’s terribly satisfying. Like your friend comes up to you at Lagoon and is all “Hey Rickey try this a big bite of cotton candy cloud, you’ll rly like it!” but you know better because you hate cotton candy ever since it made you so sick last time and so you tell your friend no way but she’s not gonna hear it and so she shuvs the cotton candy in your mouth and actually its wonderful! That is an analogy for how I feel about this album when I listen to track 2. The third track I can’t remember v well because it was skipping, or I mean the audio was going away and then coming back so there were some weird lil eras of silence that rly took away from whatever emotions or daydreams the track might have had me explore. Quite the avant garde decision! Side two starts off p good. The whole album sounds exactly like the album art. It’s super sugary like I’m gonna get cavities, but isn’t it fun to get cavities? Not to have them but to get them. It was Halloween the other day and I ate lots of candy but none of it was as sweet as Perfect Lavender. The audio goes in and out again on side two, but only a little bit this time. Nothing all that memorable happens the rest of the time but this isn’t a discredit, I’m still having fun. If this album were a party I would have a tremendous time hanging out on a comfy couch getting drunk on hpnotiq and viniq with red bull. So thanks for having me, it’s been swell.

with love,
Ricky Lemonseed