BEN ROBERTS "Unit Audio" C40 (Staaltape)

I could not find much info on Ben Roberts as far as past releases so I am not sure if there is may more releases available. For this release, I would say it is tape manipulation done very well.

From the beginning of the tape, there is a lot of sampled audio from various sources. While reading the Bandcamp description it is all found tapes. Found tapes with audio remnants, TV/Radio/Music extracts, Mechanical or other tape sounds.

Tapes are sped up and slowed down over layers of creeping audio most likely from other found tapes. Working with found sounds can be done very poorly and while this isn't my favorite artist interpretation of this type of work it is done very well.

Staaltape is an interesting label that started a while back as a side project label from the legendary Staalplaat, excellent hand made packaging and super limited release numbers. This tape is limited to 24 copies so if this type of music interests you I would recommend picking it up soon!

- - Marc Benner