"Fissure” C46
(Eh? Records)

NoisePoetNobody generally deals in motor-like, textured modular synth combustion, but here, on “Fissure”, he’s joined by Eveline Müller and her cosmic host of meditation-focused instruments. Now, from your own home, you can bear comfy, pajama’d witness to soundhealing’s mélange of tuning forks, singing bowls & a great many other coaxed metallic objects, all of them blending in and/or standing out from said NPN motordrones, plus a few other home-crafted noisemakers. The timbral yield is dynamic, as are both arrhythmic sputterings and free-ringing decays. The mixing is spot on, which makes you feel like you’re in an intimately candle-lit warehouse.

Great stuff to zone out to, or play “track the elusive groove”. I can dig it, man.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan