"Boundaries” C46
(Trrrash Records)

Included below, between the Bandcamp link to this specific album and a Facebook link to the record label is an interview with Sarmistha Talukdar, the cancer biologist that expands both her research AND creative expressions through this far-reaching sonic probe, Tavishi. Cagean, but not cagey, “Boundaries” is the crossroads between Western Avant-Garde Experimentalism and Hindustani Classical composition; a thoroughly, intelligently designed documentation of assigned sounds correlating with cancer cell identifiers, planetary observations and, oh, what the hell? Anime? Yup!

To say that this tape is “rife with subtext” is an under(grad)statement, but, hey- we’re all learning here- this just goes to show that a deeper inspection of the W-H-Y///H-O-W only intensifies a given product.

Again, I strongly suggest reading the interview first (and maybe a few others) before listening. Included with the physical tape are liner notes on what math-nerdy processes were followed to yield each track, compounding the already Deeply engaging aural product, rendering it both escapist/spellbinding and edge-of-seat-titillating!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan