EXPO 70 “Exquisite Lust” (Sonic Meditations)

Justin Wright, Sonic Meditations honcho and Expo 70 himself, is, more accurately, a neutron star personified. Meaning: his core is somehow so dense that sound emanating from his guitar playing orbits around him as it’s caught in his gravitational field, at once daunting in its physical properties and euphoric in its celestial execution. Like, it’s spacey drone madness, dude, if you want me to get all simplistic on you.

There’s nothing simplistic about the interstellar jams seshes Wright blasts off into at any given moment, whether they’re testing the limits of spacetime as they’re stretched across the event horizons of black holes or zooming through space like radio signals from a pulsating quasar. The slow burn of the delicate fretwork and the experimental odysseys of effects manipulation are particularly otherworldly, transporting you as you listen to the outer reaches of galactic discovery. The gold-glitter-flecked cassette tape sure helps with that too – maybe you’ve just been inhaling the physical by-products of an Expo 70 improv session this whole time … or for a really long time.

The vast unknowable forces manifest themselves as sound within the human body and morph into all kinds of human feelings, sometimes confusingly as lust. Forbidden, exquisite lust. And there you have why there’s two porn actresses adorning the cover of this tape.

But gawdDAMN if I’m not astral projected right out of my sneakers and into the center of a nebula by this Expo 70 tape, nude ladies or no.

Expo 70 

Sonic Meditations

--Ryan Masteller