VARIOUS ARTISTS “Swamp Comp: It Came from the Midwest” C60 (Woody Records)

You’ve got the right to remain violent, so says the band Johnny Switchblade three tracks in to “Swamp Comp,” and that’s probably as righteous a tagline as any for this massive 20-track punk collection of the best miscreants the Midwest has to offer. I feel like I’m in high school again discovering lo-fi punk rock for the first time. There is no shortage of snottiness or rambunction, and of course there are great band names aplenty like Cuddles, The Biff Tannens, Bike Power, and, the punkiest of all, The Hemmorrhoids. Too bad Warped Tour is a big steaming bag of garbage, otherwise the artists on this comp could tour the hell out of it and rake in a bunch of dough. It’d be better than any previous iteration of Warped, that’s for sure. Is Warped Tour even a thing anymore? Who cares.

Swamp Comp is limited to 500 copies. Buy from …? I dunno, help me out here, crowdsourcing!

Woody Records Soundcloud

--Ryan Masteller