(Flag Day Recordings)

With “Discorporeal,” Flag Day Recordings brings us a wonderful collection of tracks from Benjamin Mauch. These are thick and juicy modular synth pieces that wander around in the stratosphere, pulling the listener up and along. The textures leave absolutely nothing to be desired. Each track is ethereal in its own way, whether droning, pulsing or meandering. Condensed sonic microcosms of imagined landscapes and times. In fact, the artist himself says that his love for speculative fiction weighs heavily on this release. As per the Flag Day release page, he says “I treasure the moments I have spent on other worlds, in future times, and on ships whose destinations seem endless. Discorporeal is my attempt to sew together what I have been dreaming for years, and turn those dreams into sound." Knowing this aim, its hard to say he didn’t nail it. “Discorporeal” is like the sound track for a spacey, dreamy parallel reality. One where the mothership runs on good intentions and major chords. A place where gravity can be defied if you just know the right code.

I can’t recommend this album highly enough. There is a certain mood that comes over me (and maybe you) frequently enough that calls for this type of music and only this type of music. Put your feet up and let it drench you.

--James Searfoss