JOHN MARKOW "Over The Flame"
C18 (Self-Released)

John Markow’s guitar licks are flawlessly slick and seamlessly smooth and I kinda hate him for that, a little bit. Just a little.

I do not know John Markow, but my guess is that, by the time he’s 65, he’ll be a street musician who will have played in about a hundred fairly decent bands, a sizeable chunk of those touring internationally, playing genre-spanning music for dancing and having a nice beer with friends and being fairly productive at post-work-but-still-at-work gatherings.

John Markow’s style can only be defined as “easily accessible, agreeable, and fun”, and I hope he knows that, when he picks up a guitar at a party, anyone who knows his work won’t be leaving the room any time soon, so he has a responsibility to deliver.

John Markow can sing really well and has some clever tricks up his sleeve when doing so, which might bring to mind David Bowie a teensy bit, but not in any obvious way.

John Markow’s music can be downloaded via bandcamp on a sliding scale between the price of air and a sensible, 4-door sedan.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan