"Quote Questions" C40
(Science Box Music)

“This tape is a reflection on what it is like for me to do mathematics. It is a pursuit of understanding that will never be complete. Mathematicians set a lot of puzzles & challenges for ourselves and one another, but many of these are not truly questions in an honest sense, so much as they are crude measurements of our understanding.”

˜Steven Senger.

(Quote reproduced from the inner J-Card)

Now, having read this quote, and, knowing that Steven Senger is a techno artist, what do YOU think his output sounds like? Might there be fractal, self-escaping variations that run into their own asymptotal melodies, only to be enveloped into atonal reveries?  Perhaps Fibonaccian divergences referencing their own original pose/posits splinter into infinite chorii? Or might this tape simply be an auditory hundreds chart, separated into 8’s, following, lock & step, with consonant focal intervals, highlighted ad infinitum?

You be the judge via the Bandcamp link below…

  --Jacob An Kittenplan