"Phonogetic Ouch" C20
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

I wasn’t even done writing this review before putting MP’s “Bananafest Destiny” and “Fresh Business” on a mixtape I was making for a friend, on account of its sounding maybe like perhaps an “Odelay”-era Beck and a ‘00s-era The Books decided to collaborate and leave thee most awesomely fucked up outgoing message on their answering machine humanly-possibly ever, and he, my buddy, Tyler, he really, really needed to hear it, as he’d been having a busy month, and this rules.

The above (possibly) run-on sentence, from what I can tell, is, fairly, grammatically correct. As is the likeness-ascribed ‘twixt said well-renowned recording artists and MP. Really. This tape is pretty great. Cologne, Germany did the world a service by picking up this Californian’s batshit-crazy transmissions.

For real, moduS ponY got woke on the (Steve) Reich side of the bed, if you know what I mean. As in, the attention to detail, while editing/obfuscating/obsessing over weirdo/funky/angular loops, is rock solid, as is the fluid, stream-of-conscious stitching of disparate vocal samples (on Bananafest Destiney, specifically, but certainly throughout the album, for sure), this all being reminiscent of the seamless melding of timbrally-diverse tones in that heaviest-hitting “riff” from Morton Feldman’s “Rothko Chapel”.

When the focus from all the other-wise juxtaposing elements’ unity isn’t the focus, it’s likely on account of the juuuuuuust-out-of-time looping between layers, which truly adds to the whole clusterfuck, in that it, itself, fluctuates, falling in time, then out, again, of “the rhythm”. Beware, ready, and open to it, and this short banger can be played for hours at a time while drawing, walking, or pretending you can dance. Not remotely good for studying.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan