ISIS MORAY “Echolia” (Sunk Records)

Self-Described Dark Feminist Techno Bitch, Isis Moray, hails from Sheffield, UK. She appears to be just fine partying all night by her lonesome and some kind of light brite beat making device and a keyboard. Her sounds are classic rave and moody psyche of the beats and the treats.

Is Isis Moray a Mademoiselle of myth? Is she the stuff of pixie dust and plein air painting? Do all these sounds creep up from the mossy outlines of hairpin turns on the way to the Shire? The tire tread has glitter in the gutters of the rubber. The steering wheel is covered in melty candy. The platform shoes have doors in the heels with custom figurines resting in them. 

Isis Moray Patterns

--Adam Padavano