URD J. PEDERSEN "Dum/Smart" C17 (Unhinged)

This quarter of an hour was recorded on a dinghy, presumably along the Atlantic seaboard, outside of Oslo. It is a documentation of a spoken word performance, with the most base, basic art-rock accoutrements possibly utilized (this one string’d guitar?) as minimal, textural filler) behind Urd’s Kim Gordon’esque atonal speak-shouts. The words are what really matter. Just take a look at the two (available) J-Card covers to see how UJP’s focus is on what words mean, in context with each other, and themselves. For Urd J. Pdersen, the term “accent” likely means “worlds”. Keep this in mind, and “D/S” may prove fruitful?

If you’re l


  --Jacob An Kittenplan