ENDURANCE “Endurance” C46 (Self-Released)

Endurance’s eponymous release is the actual soundtrack to his own unfinished Bradburian sci-fi writings*, and it is, indeed, what the kids these days call “epic”. Glacial, brooding, hypnotizing, Joshua Stefane creates and captures perfectly what his story sets out to accomplish, an emotionally solar-windswept space-scape of swelling solitude, droning numbness, and time reflecting upon itself infinitely, as both noun and verb, in tandem. Oxygen-bereft, the ambiance is a distillation of transitions between in-&-ex-halations. Dizzying.

*It’s well worth taking the time to check out JS’s blurb on bandcamp (link below) about his creative process and the sci-fi themes he has sonically articulated here.


--Jacob An Kittenplan