ONO “Your Future Is Metal” (American Damage)

In this live recording (at the Hideout in Chicago), ONO – here composed of P. Michael Grego, Travis, Connor Tomaka, Dawei Wang, Ben Billington, and American Damage head Jordan Reyes – stirs a simmering broth of molten computer components at room temperature, the mixture neither melting nor working properly as time progresses and the stew becomes more and more inedible (as if it was at all in the first place).

“In dreams, my pores…”

Like robots, cyborgs – no, the Borg, that’s it – ONO creates friction among its components while simultaneously trying to recruit an audience full of non-Borg to assimilate with them. We all know how resistance to the Borg works – it’s futile – and so the audience succumbs to commotion with relative ease, their pores “plugged with wires” as the metallic elements in their bodies struggle to the surface and extend outward.

“Vomit endless cables.” 

That one just explains itself.

Slow burns, slow damage, varied approaches, complete control. ONO holds your consciousness in stasis via electrical pulse, pumping its message through your synapses while you’re immobilized. Upon coming to, you will not be “able to stop scratching,” even though “the wires have gone.” Don’t worry – you’ll be called upon when needed.

American Damage