RODE GREY “Three” C20 (Nostorca)

I think they make snuff films with soundtracks like this. Do snuff films have soundtracks? I’ve never seen a snuff film, but I don’t have access to the Dark Web on this work computer, so I’ll just have to remain ignorant.

Rode Grey makes some greasy dockside gangster murder music, and I’ve seen really tense suspense movies, violent thrillers where almost everything goes awry at night and out of sight of anyone who can swoop in and avert disaster. These dank beats are perfect for underscoring the action of illicit cargo being loaded onto a ship in the moments before a shootout ensues.

These tunes also strike the exact right tone for murder on the high seas, events that kick off highly stylized procedural crime dramas. It’s like if the opposite of everything that happened in “The Life Aquatic” was happening here and Rode Grey was soundtracking it instead of Mark Mothersbaugh. Still quirky, but way bleaker.

Man, you know, if I never see a snuff film in my life, I’ll be in good shape. *SHIVER* There’s enough murder and mayhem to go around as it is!