SKELETONIZED “Defleshed”(Self-Released)

"Defleshed" by Skeletonized is the documentation of a jazz attack that occurred early one spring evening. The air was full of peacefulness and good will, and the chirping of crickets, and the birding of birds – when suddenly, a roving mob of jazz makers leaped from some nearby shrubberies.

The horn player drew a horn from a case, as he would have drawn a tommy gun and began to fire notes out of the tarnished sax, his wild skeleton mask glinting in the twilight. The bass player began to belt out throbbing buzzes of bass, furious and rhythmic. The drummer threw a collection of drum parts on the ground in a pile and began angrily pounding on them like a deranged gorilla.

The deafening sound they made echoed across the hills and off each craggy mountain. Woodland creatures fled from their burrowed homes, as disintegrating waves of skronk reverberated throughout the clearing. Just when the intensity of the jazz had reached its peak, a hooded necromancer slithered in form the treeline and added modular synth to the already overwhelming cacophony. They humped and bumped and jumped, shaking the ground with mischievous glee, as they jazzed and jived.

Then the necromancer made a signal, and with one last final explosion, the merry band of miscreants finished their jazz freak out and disappeared from sight. The clearing was once again peaceful as night fell.

"Defleshed" is available in two sidelong tracks on a high quality blue-tinted cassette with full color artwork depicting the peaceful scene that was disrupted by the freaky jazz.

-- Gray Lee