“Live Exorcism 2017”
C20 (American Damage)

One man, Jordan Reyes, performed a set at the Kitty Cat Klub on September 27, 2017, using nothing but live loops of his own voice. The results are as weird and chanty as you might expect, and in keeping with the title of the cassette, it seems as if Reyes is in fact expelling a host of personalities from his body at one time, right into the waiting and expectant idiot minds of the audience. Not that the audience is composed of idiots – it’s just that their minds are not conditioned to resist.

Anyway, to the likely bafflement of this cat and this dog, I listened to the whole thing, and came away feeling … not exactly myself. Like some other personality besides my own was now inhabiting my mind. It was as if I was having thoughts that were not my own and moving in patterns that were unfamiliar to me. This is what Reverent’s “Live Excorcism 2017” will do to you folks. Like Jesus casting out the legion from the demon-possessed man into the herd of waiting pigs, Jordan Reyes casts out his demons upon and into us all. We will jump off cliffs.

Wait, that’s like the opposite of Jesus.

American Damage