OCA "Preset Music” C45 (Constellation Tatsu)

Off in the distance, OCA’s “Preset Music” might appear banal, like it could be piped in through strip-mall-sidewalk speakers, upon the unoffended heads of tweeners and the elderly alike; given one deeper listen, however, it is revealed that nothing could be further from the truth.

The album’s very title is a glib reference to so many mundane structures that this duo commandeers, dissects, resolders, and otherwise elegantly bastardizes, with an expert, stony grace; their compositions proving a subtly teetering balance between tension and release, ring and warble, gentle breeze and noxious fume.

The masterful mixing of these elements alone must have taken months, and the payoff is otherworldly (or rather innerworldly) when taken in through good headphones. Part hallucinogenic meditation, part controlled panic attack, this vaporwavish Newer Age beast is one Hell of a trip!


--Jacob An Kittenplan