S.U.V. “Sterben/Shifting” (Otomatik Muziek)

Poorly mic’d, poorly recorded, poorly mixed, poorly executed? No problem! S.U.V., aka Sex Und Violence, aka Franz Joseph Kaputt, doesn’t worry about such things. He is immune to any sort of criticism that would originate from those conscious attributes of his music. And speaking of criticism, I’m not here to attack him for these choices – I’m here to praise him for them. 

Some would agree that the best kind of music is that originating from the happy accidents, and if your whole setup is premised upon capturing the singular magical moments of performance, then maybe you just happen to be making the BEST KIND OF MUSIC. Well, in a way. “Sterben/Shifting” captures the performative intimacy of S.U.V.’s techniques, allowing us to accompany Mr. Kaputt as he steers us through a wide swath of ambient, folk, and noise, each crackle, each pop and hiss a further element that places us in the room with him, witnessing his playing.

So yeah, it’s like he’s playing his own little concert to us in a small room. Intimate, human, real. A celebration of life, and of death, and of those who have “shifted” from one state to the next. “Death is just a process, a shift from one state to another.” Imagine that sentiment while you’re listening to “Sterben/Shifting,” and you’ll totally get it.


Otomatik Muziek