RODO “Within the Void” (Already Dead)


The void is real, and it’s there. Rodo knows it, and Rodo embraces it – Rodo is, wait for it: Within the Void. Maybe that bonelike structure trapped in the black circle upon the white field on the cover is Rodo, content to be engulfed rather than scrabbling for escape. That’s because Rodo embraces it. I’ve mentioned that before.
Over six spine-tinglingly gloomy dark ambient pieces, Rodo explores the blankness of the situation. Everything is absence and distance, like “Black Sea of Infinity” or “Amid the Waves.” “Do You Know What Fear Is?” tracks the emotional response to a wasteland, a vast, blistered horizon with nothing living upon it. Then there are “The Void Within” and “After the Void,” troubling reflections on utterly negative space. Like, does the vacuum exist inside of you, and is that why your heart is hurting so bad so often? Absence and regret – the void is of our own making.
Or maybe it’s a shadow dimension containing a shadow entity that thrives on nothingness, and Rodo is simply hastening its passage into our own. I wouldn’t be surprised, not with this one! Still, cautiously, thrillingly, hauntingly, Within the Void blooms black against the daylight, taking its place alongside hope as its antithesis. You need the darkness for the light to truly shine, am I right?