DEUCE AVENUE “Perennial Fire and Life” (Unifactor)


I am ripped to the ass with anxiety. I was good for a while, but now it’s all getting to me – I’m not normally an anxious person, but holy heck, can we just give it a rest for a while? And it’s not like I don’t know there’s a way out – I’m also a wickedly hopeful person in the best of times, and even in these crummy times, but it’s wearing thin. Still, complaining about it’s not going to help me is it? Or you. You don’t need my moaning. Let’s get past it.
Deuce Avenue rips me to the ass with anxiety, but here catharsis reigns. Most psychotherapists would take a gander at what I’m listening to in this state and immediately scramble for the off switch. Deuce Avenue, the project of Noah Anthony (Profligate, Social Junk, Night Burger), doesn’t have time to worry about anxiety – he allows his music to personify it, and in doing so sucks some of that real-life anxiety out of the air and parades it around a stage in some sort of pantomime. That’s what happens when your idiom is minor-key synth-noir, and you’re good at rippling sheets of tense atmosphere over tar-hot bubbling bass and clattering rhythm tracks.
It works – you perceive Perennial Fire and Life for as short a time as you’d like (and there’s no reason not to get all the way through in one sitting), and it immediately impresses upon you its soundtracky goodness, a signal that you can relax and enjoy this thing instead of letting it ratchet you up beyond where you already are. You lose yourself in the underbelly of this thing, and from there you’re buoyed through a cinematic adventure of clandestine operations, your only tools and defenses an Arp Odyssey, a Korg Monologue, and a Yamaha VSS-30. Use them wisely to rid yourself of the blues, as Noah Anthony did as Deuce Avenue. It’s a circle of life thing.