VALOTIHKUU & DYNASTOR “Midnight Fairytales” (Dronarivm)


I know you want your Midnight Fairytales to be cloaked in mystery, lavished in mood, and slathered in dreams. You want a slow build of tension – not excruciating tension, but just enough to make you wonder if everything’s OK. But most of all you want the magic, the shimmering resolve that everything’s gonna work out right, more than right, better than right. Because that’s how fairy tales work – the imagination set free to run through majestic vistas and vast landscapes to come up with stories where you’re the main character, the protagonist, the hero, and it’s you who must uncover the mysteries and unleash the magic. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?
Surely not Valotihkuu and Dynastor, and they’ve written the book, the definitive collection. Their Midnight Fairytales is bound in ancient leather and written on papyrus – it smells like a library. Once you’re in it, you’re in it for good – you have to exist within its pages. You can wander through forests and stroll along streams, and Valotihkuu and Dynastor capture every moment and represent it in glass, shimmering with radiant light. You can listen to the whispers of the trees and the lakes and the clouds, and each sets your path toward destiny. You are filled only with wonder and awe, and you are ready for the challenges ahead.
Did I mention Valotihkuu and Dynastor have crafted this wonderful and wistful adventure via kosmische drones and sparkling synthesizer? Now you know why you’ve gotten to where you’ve gotten on this journey.