MARSHA FISHER “Collage Works 2020” C30 (Gay Hippie Vampire)


Marsha Fisher sculpts sound like they’re slurping it through a straw, meaning they take the source material and run it through a very small space, a little bit at a time, and see how it goes down. Often you can’t tell what ingredients comprise the sound, it’s all just whipped up into frequencies that sometimes appear to want to resolve into what they once were but never can, and there’s never a real clue as to what those sources were. That’s part of the fun though, wading through the murk of these collages (that’s what they are) and being overcome by the milkshakey-ness of them as they drip from ear to shirt, and then you need a napkin or a towel or something to clean it up. It’s also quite fun to watch an EQ display of this tape, with the static of the tape fizzing at the bottom of the range and spiking up every time the source appears. It’s actually kind of mesmerizing to see a visualization of this material.
Plus, here’s another release where I think there’s only a single tape copy available. Actual collaged j-card made out of magazines and recycled cassette.