MID-AIR! “Smoothies and Jacuzzis” C19 (100% Bootleg)


Mid-Air!’s latest, Smoothies and Jacuzzis, finds Christopher Alan Harbach in exactly the place you might expect to find him in this time around: in a jacuzzi. With a smoothie.
But look, that’s the easy way out, and it’s dumb to just parrot the title of this thing and be done with it. But the sophisticated beat-oriented jazz samplefest you’re treated to for nineteen minutes here bears some of the hallmarks of its at-first-glance flippant (but not really) title. See, Smoothies and Jacuzzis is a lifestyle thing, a health regimen, a relaxation technique. It offers nutritional benefits as well as a mental reprieve. You can ingest exotic things that are good for you; Mid-Air! creates immaculate beat tapes out of exotic source material that is totally good for you. You can immerse yourself in the healing waters; Mid-Air! immerses you in the healing properties of brilliant music. This is all a win-win – I’m beginning to think “smoothies” and “Jacuzzis” are metaphorical anchors!
This is all a lot of talk without the actuality of enjoyable music, and Mid-Air!, as usual, obliges. The beats are languid, chillaxed; the samples carefully layered. While the immediate stylistic touchstone is obviously jazz, “trip hop” is not an odd term to come to mind. I find myself reclined, eyes closed, drink in hand when Mid-Air! hits the stereo, and whether that drink is a smoothie or stronger, and whether I’m actually in a Jacuzzi or just dreaming about being in one is of no consequence. I’m under the Mid-Air! spell no matter what.