RHUCLE “Royal Blue” (Oxtail Recordings)


I had to check out the Bandcamp page because I know I’ve written about Rhucle, the project of Japan’s Yuta Kudo, before, and I wanted to refresh my memory. But once I got there I was bombarded by release upon release as I scrolled down the page, endlessly, until my scrolling thumb got so tired I had to stop. (Luckily I found one, probably two, tapes that I wrote about. Whew!) The sheer volume of output you’ll find there is staggering, and you might be overwhelmed enough to reconsider determining a starting point. But don’t! What I’ve heard is all utterly delightful, and you can just forget about everything and use this, Royal Blue on Oxtail Recordings, as your starting point regardless. It’s really something you shouldn’t stress out about.
The main reason why you shouldn’t stress out about it is because Rhucle’s music is entirely stress free, Royal Blue being no exception. Utilizing synthesizers and field recordings, Rhucle gently and exquisitely opens up paths to inner peace that you may not have realized were available to you. Best experienced in solitude, preferably within a set of headphones that dwarfs your noggin, Royal Blue is an inner world of maximum rest and relaxation, a rejuvenating sensory experience, an immersion in crystal pools among the clouds. Perfect for meditative practices, Royal Blue wisps and drips, shimmers and floats, all in soft focus, all centered inward for true peace. So, you still feeling stressed about getting into Rhucle? It’s like I told you – that’s a ridiculous observation, especially with this beautiful new tape right in front of you.