Hey, Half Japanese fans, do you know where your frontman is? In 1993 Jad Fair was doing stuff with Jason Willet and Gilles Rieder, and this fuzzed-out/flipped-out good time is the result. 1993 was a long time ago. It’s 2020 now. Only in 2020 could an unearthed “lost Half Japanese” album see the light of day … on cassette. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We should be ashamed of 2020. We should all chuck all of our media into a cesspit and rend our garments and cover our heads with ashes. We should have remembered this tape long before now, long before it was too late. Now it’s just white noise, these words are white noise, maybe a star will supernova close enough to Earth to spare us of this embarrassment. Or maybe the last person on the planet will find a fritzing-but-still-somewhat-usable Walkman with this tape in it and press play and remember what life used to be like. Clanging, belligerent, a fuzzy wreck. It was pretty good while it lasted.