ADHD LOFI - IX VI IV (Sun Hypnotic)

    Some people can’t pay attention. They go their entire lives bouncing about between ideas. However, occasionally this motion will create a series of movements that at times can be beautiful, disturbing, and occasionally invigorating. On ADHD LOFI’s “IX VI IV” the listener is presented with a harsh set of sounds interwoven into something dynamic and at times spectacular. Close in relation to Black Dice or Merzbow, this tape warrants multiple listens to extract each tiny piece of an ever-elusive puzzle created by the solo noisemaker.

    There are keyboards, field recordings, guitars, pedal gurgles, and anything else you can think of on this tape. Everything is scrambled all over, and then you have the final result which is this tape. It’s bizarre and is probably amongst my favorite tapes to listen to. This little gem is out on a tiny Mesa, Arizona label called Sun Hypnotic and is probably my favorite of their releases.

    The cover of the tape is sort of gross; it looks like some bloody pulp on a metal grate. The title of the tape is written on the tape itself and the tracklisting is scribbled crudely on the inside of the j card. The best thing about the packaging is the cool instant photo that was slipped in with the cassette. This is totally worth picking up or at least downloading!

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