Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BUCK GOOTER "Beyond The Rotting Leaf" CS

Buck Gooter, really interesting band here. First thing I noticed about them was their lineup: one 50something and one 20something.  I saw them open up for Black Pus in the spring and the set was a bit of a mess.  This tape though, I like a lot more.  It's about two years old at this point so I would imagine these guys could have a different sound now??? but what I've got here is really basic two chord punk with loud guitar, wasteoid vocals (form the old dude mostly, I think?) some sound effects and some buried beats (floor tom 16th notes?).  I really dig what I'm hearing.  They clearly don't give a fuck (Buck Gooter???) and that's their strongest suit.  Give 'em a whirl.  They've got an LP out and that might be the best place to check 'em out.  Really informative website loaded with content.  They're from Harrisonburg, VA by the way. Cool town.

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