Giant Claw - Mutant Glamour LP (Orange Milk Records)

When the human race destroys 95% of itself in some major global conflict the remaining 5% will forge forward into a world of peace, kindness, and future music. People will wear all white and preach only that which is beneficial to those who still exist. Travel will be quick and precise, technology will be created quickly to manage the instability of the planet and everything will work together in synchrony. Did I mention that Giant Claw’s record Mutant Glamour would be the chart topper?

Mutant Glamour is an electronic record by Giant Claw that drives unlike any other in the present day. Think all the Krautrock dreamboats in one, the softness of Tangerine Dream, the forward motion of Kraftwerk, and the percussion of Cluster. This is an insanely good contemporary ode to the forefathers of synthesizer music. Giant Claw easily rivals contemporary synthesizer force Emeralds and blows many more out of the water. Hell, this was even mastered in Germany! Even more wild is this music picks up where Krautrock left off, it is faster now, more sporadic, and all behind the synthesizer. The future is bright for a once forgotten machine. Giant Claw proves that the synthesizer is back in all forms. This is a must have record; Orange Milk has released a gem that is certain to be repressed a number of times.

The packaging is beautiful, the art is beautiful, the music is amazing, I am blown away!

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