MARS "Live At Irving Plaza" LP/Book
(Feeding Tube / Negative Glam)
GARY WILSON "Lisa Wants To Talk To You" LP
(Feeding Tube Records)

New reissue of the late 70s band Mars who practically invented music.  Way, way ahead of their time these gals and guys were.  The record is produced by Feeding Tube, but brought to the light by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore (AKA Negative Glam) who also wrote the highly informative history of Mars that's included in the booklet.  For the uninitiated: ever hear a band with guitars, drums and vocals in a basement making noise and think to yourself "man these folks are really tearing apart the rules of rock"?  Well, more likely than not, Mars was there first. So first it's not even funny.  While this fine sounding live recording (made by Brian Eno) and it's companion "Live At Artists Space" (also on FTR/Negative Glam) won't make you through away your copy of the absolutely essential discography comp "78+", they are both very interesting windows into the band's creative process.  What might have come across as kind of random, is actually show to be rather composed, as both of these live sets bare striking similarity to the studio material.  The Artists Space LP was made in a run of 1000 copies and is now sold out, so act fast on the Irving Plaza record, cause they only made 500.  And if I didn't say so above, the included booklet is really essential and will probably remain useful for many years. Buy here.

Another fine reissue currently available from Feeding Tube is Gary Wilson's "Lisa Wants To Talk To You."  Many of you might be familiar with Wilson's creepy stalker porno funk, but this album, released on CD only in 2010 might have flown under your radar.  This listener thinks it's among his finest work and it sounds absolutely fantastic on vinyl.  Limited to 500 copies.

Lastly, Feeding Tube has also reissued one of my favorite cassettes of all time, "Dagger Magic" by Vapor Gourds.  Read the Cassette Gods review here. Don't pass this one up when ordering the two higher profile titles above.