Raven - A Disease Called Man (Lava Church)

     Walking in a field of wheat towards a dead tree the dream falls silent. The raven flies over in slow motion and that is when you feel the presence behind you. Looming, full of angst, fear, and regret, you feel the weight press against your chest as your dream begins to mix with your waking life. Helpless, you try to scream but silence fills the air. You are battling with sleep paralysis, suddenly your lungs grip the air and you are rifled into reality.

     When I listen to the Lava Church CS by Raven, “A Disease Called Man” I feel like my nightmares are merging with my waking life. This ambient noise tape makes me cringe and at times makes me want to secure all of my doors. This is some terrifying stuff, and is a consistently solid effort all the way through. One of the better noise tapes I have ever received and a must have for any harsh noise static head.

     The new batch of Lava Church tapes look amazing, the side A and B markers are under the plastic tape casing. Aesthetically the imagery is Xeroxed to death and it looks so great, toner suits these releases well. Grip the new batch before they are gone!

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