Inferior Design - "Ego" EP (Pretty All Right, co-release with Teen River)

What renaissance this is! People in every nook and cranny of the globe record music and release it out to worldly ears. I feel like I'm living in an age of discovery. The pay off is small and personal, but worth it. Inferior Design is Mosses Shoshan and his quickie 15 minute EP titled Ego is over so fast I thought I'd heard it wrong, but no, it is worthy of flipping and starting over again however. Like some kind of uncovered classic from the days when Sonic Youth were still fresh faced "youths" releasing records on SST, Ego has the songs man! Great nuggets of rock with thrash about drumming and chiming slash sloppy guitar parts. This EP sounds like a homemade project, but it's awesome. Pretty All Right co-released this tape with Teen River and like I've mentioned in several goddamn reviews already, Chicago has amazing labels and talent...right? 

I find myself really digging the more "rock" oriented stuff from these two labels, but they have electronic sounds for the non-rocker tape junkie too. Plus the visual layout on their tapes slay me. Sweet Jesus, I need more storage for the prodigious output flying my way via snail mail...better knock down some walls or build a bunker.

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