BODY GLOVE "Power Smile" CS (self released)

Picked up this tape on the Body Glove tour that just went across the whole USA. These guys are a quartet made up of Adam Keith (Cubicle), Noah Marmalefsky, Corey Hucks and Lazer Lopez.  There is zero internet info on these guys, but you can watch the youtube video and get a general idea of what they do.  I was really into the live set and I like the tape just as much.  Very psychedelic, yet focused, electronic dance music out of Oakland, CA.  What makes me like this 100 times more than a lot of the similar stuff I get in the mail?  I think it's the fact that these guys are clearly a band.  Like Form A Log, they take something that is usually the provence of a solitary knob twiddler and turn it into a living breathing entity.  The members respond to each other and take the sound to new heights.  Somebody said something about the Grateful Dead really loud after they finished their set in Providence.  I'm not saying who.  The tape looks and sounds fantastic.  You'll maybe find it somewhere?  Maybe not... Anyway, check out this video: