Field Hymns: In Seven Parts

Field Hymns is a label based in Portland, OR and one of the slickest operations I've seen going in the last couple years. They are one of the best organizations releasing analog synth, Tangerine Dream influenced, electro-esoterica and 80s slasher flick soundtrack inspired tapes in the US. In fact I don't think I've handled better designed or packaged tapes...and they release so many!! Recently I found a box of seven cassettes in my mailbox. I was enthused by the sheer quantity and I knew the quality would be high. Since I want to feature every tape, I thought it best to do short reviews of each release all on the same post instead of breaking it up or spreading them out over time. Bottom line: Listen to the music put out by Field won't regret it.
Foton's Omega is a time capsule. It sounds like something from the early 70s and that isn't likely to be an accident as the label describes this album as a, "...soundtrack of a journey to the farthest reaches of the universe, circa 1971." Somewhere HAL 9000 has regained power and is lording over a doomed astronaut.
Oxykitten's Octagonal Wax is easily the most fun synth album I've ever heard. Hands down awesome. Beats and analog whizz whurrz and tune titles like, "I Got Your Digits in My Pocket Calculator" and "Warm Smell of Fajitas," immediately got me in the mood to smile higher than any normal man. Great, GREAT, listening. Plus the art is cool.
Described as, "music so kraut it's still cabbage," Grapefruit's looping synth bleeps trip the night away. This is analog heaven for synth-heads. Be advised to spend a long weekend with this release...and a few friends...and a light show.
The Cutting Room is a split by Adderall Canyonly and Oxykitten. Again a soundtrack for a film that never was or ever will be, this album bubbles with light touches of spinning keys and calliope dreams. I'm lost in a sci-fi B movie. I don't want to get out either.
Susurrus' eponymous tape is 31 minutes of drone, “…in two parts, composed of feedback, ground-loops and other various unintended ephemera endemic to electronic instruments and the recording process.” Definitely intended for introspective headphone listening, this composition is meticulous and well-crafted. Damn, wish I thought of it!
Detainee's Vital Organs is rapid fire gaming music in technicolor. Controllers and joysticks are covered in pizza grease and the Pepsi has gone flat, but the music still slams.  Far out.
This album by Eyes has already been expertly reviewed HERE on Cassette Gods so I won't have the pleasure of being the first to write about it. Actually, I pretty much agree with the past, shit...All I want to add is this is one of the most satisfying psyche-revival Hawkwind-esque albums I've ever heard...If you only buy one tape from Field Hymns, let it be this one.

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