Kösmonaut/Adderall Canyonly - "Split" (Ethereal Mother Tapes) c60

America, you unpredictable saucy bitch! Sure we all know the coasts are killing it with their spaced out synth mind meltdowns, but central Texas?? I'm pleased as punch to be a madman from Austin, but now after hearing Kösmonaut (from San Angelo freak the brain electric, Tejas...hell, his is mushroom music w/plenty of kraut on the side for taste) I'm thrilled! Kösmonaut is a fan of the post-Berlin School, pre-rave sound of synth psyche club mix OUT THERE tones. K is Patrick R. Pärk and he describes his music thusly, "...propulsive retro-ish psych-prog electronics. A lone explorer of myriad psychic vistas, Kösmonaut channels experiential knowledge of Time’s secrets into trance inducing kosmische-electronic excursions." This split with Adderall Canyonly (put out by Kös' own label) is magnificent. Pro-look, pro-sound - 'nuff said. Both sides are wonderful excursions for those so inclined to lift off. I got my hands on this tape courtesy of Field Hymns 'cause they're distributing the title and it was part of a huge box of review tapes which I'll write about soonish. Of the 100 dubbed only 6 remain at EMT's Bandcamp (as of the last time I checked, that is) so don't wait on this Saga Genesis cosmic technicolor dream coat. 

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