c20 (Imminent Frequencies)

Whenever I get music by David Russell, I'm like, "oh God, not another Kirtan chanting tape!" But then I realize, "oh not that David Russell." Then I'm like, "oh cool David B. Russell!" But I put the music on and instead of horrific mongoloid shrieking I hear some heavy noisescapes. Finally I realize "oh David Russell Stempowski of Cleveland". This tape recorded under Collapsed Arc moniker is alright. Contact mic and vocal loops of moderate to moderate/high levels of harshness. There are some decent dynamics going on. I've got to say, this kind of stuff is never going to move me that much. I mean, this tape is pretty well done. It's not just a wall of noise and the loops don't go on for so long as to become boring. It's got a nice tactile feel to it, but I can't help but think it would have been much more enjoyable as a collection of discreet sounds without the loop pedal repeating everything 8 to 12 times. You hear that noise people? If you send me your loop pedal tape, I am liable to not like it. Until these three Davids get together for that epic chant/shriek/scrape trio set, I'll be left wanting more. Label website.