PERPETUAL RITUAL - "Perpetual Ritual" c17 (Skrot Up)

  Perpetual Ritual is the moniker under which Mitchell Saulsberry, a Seattle-based musician, performs with a revolving cast of close friends and other like-minded noisemakers.This is PR's first release for Copenhagen's wondrous Skrot Up label, which has been giving us all sorts of noisy gems as of late.Perpetual Ritual lashes out with five new scorchers, all banging with 70's garage rock swagger,  and soaking with grungy, blown out guitars.The first thing that came to mind, was the rattling cave-pop of Mississippi wild man, Flight.The vocals are similar, with a thick blanket of distortion and chorus effects, laid over top of  Saulsberry's straight-faced, baritone howls.The drums sound huge, and bang away like hammers beating on metal trash cans, constantly crashing through the buzzing guitar attack no matter how loud they seem to get.The verses seem to kind of wander off into choruses almost by accident, steering clear of "the norm", and it makes for an interesting listen indeed.This actually sounds like something that could just easily find a suitable home on garage-worship labels like Hozac, In The Red, or Florida's Dying, and that is absolutely meant to be taken as a compliment.These five songs are catchy, dark, and anything but polished, and I'm already searching the web for more of this stuff.Highly Recommended!
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