EARTHMASTERS "Dwellings" c20
(Fabrica Records)

Still catching up on back-submissions. I apologize if I'm writing too much, thus sending some tapes that deserve a much longer time in the spotlight hurtling towards the nether regions of Cassette Gods. That reminds me: did you pick up that Selbyville tape yet? Be sure to look forward to a very special post of my favorite tape of the year on Boxing Day (the day after X-mas) and a best of 2011 list that will be posted the minute before the ball drops and we enter the final year of our lives... JK...In the words of my main man Danny Cruz, "DONT BELIEVE THE LIE. 2012 IS NOT THE END"!

Today I'll let you in on a little secret known as Fabrica Records, purveyors of fine tapes aimed at sending your innersoul into the stratosphere and also distributors of LPs with similar goals. Check out their site here.

A Full Cosmic Sound brings what might be one of the best mind expanding recordings I've heard in awhile. The group is a loosely coagulated assemblage of weirdos from Santiago, Chile and they've scrabbled together whatever stringed instruments, keyboards and drum machines they can find to make this excellent recording. The whole tape is made up of one driving kosmische bass riff with various sounds coming in and out of the mix. The drum machines are straight out of Suicide and the bass from Pรคrson Sound. It makes for a heady mixture. I can't recommend this highly enough if you're a fan of this sort of thing. AFCS comes at it from such a pure place that I can't help but be swept away. Highly recommended. Check out some AFCS sounds.

Earthmasters deliver a nice set of woozy drone. It's much more organic than many similar projects and has a lot of heart. Were it not for the aforementioned tape, I would probably recommend this just as highly. You might as well pick this up too when you buy the A Full Cosmic Sound tape, which you're going to do. Right? Check them out here.

This is a great label and surely one to watch. They'll have their first LP released by February. It'll be by Maryland droner Insect Factory.