(Buffalo Tapes)

widows Cover Art
From Kettles To Cloaks gives us a good tape of weary tunes. The instrumentation is pretty basic (guitar, minimal keys/electronics, mildly distorted male vocals) but all the songs are fully formed and recorded well. Most of he songs are semi-acoustic dirges, but a reverb drenched female vocal enters on the last track on the A side ("Morrina") and suddenly we are in different, more electronic-psychedelic territory, giving the first hint that this might be a band, as opposed to a solo project. Flip the tape and we're back to the sound of the first songs again. Almost sounds like two bands. The male sung cuts are reminiscent of One Foot In The Grave-era Beck or anything by Charlie McAlister, though one song ("Porcupine Park") sounds very much like acoustic Sun City Girls. Imagine all that, but with definite electronic underpinnings. Couldn't find anywhere where you can order the tape, but you can listen to the music here, you might just like it.