SKELETON WARRIOR/MEAGER SUNLIGHT "Seasons Of Nudity" (Good God Energy Chronicles)

Hey! I think I got tricked into reviewing a 12". I swear to you I'm holding a cassette of this split in my hand with the same artwork and everything, but all I can find on the internet is references to a split 12" EP. Either way, this'll surely get your Kwanzaa party started and have the whole family up on the dance floor. Skeleton Warrior are Florida boys who do mildly geeky dance music with songs about stuff. What that "stuff" is, I can't exactly tell. I think there is an element of mild depravity that I am picking up on. Meager Sunlight is the duo of Jeremy Harris (Lazy Magnet) and Daryl Seaver (Supernaturelle) and their music sounds like it could reach the top 40. Female singing, with songs also about stuff. Definitely stuff. Stuff that sounds good when you are dancing too it. "Show me an innocent among you"... These groups make such great split-partners it's not even funny. Happy arpeggiated keyboard riffs, throbbing bass, you know, TECHNO. Or whatever the kids are calling it. I don't think I'm getting across the fact that I like this. I LIKE THIS! OKAY? It's super fun and kind of fluffy, but that's exactly what its going for. Pick it up, whatever format you happen to find it in.

You can pick up the 12" here or here. No clue where to find the tape....Nguzo Saba

This just in from Meager Sunlight member Daryl:
Tapes can be had from Jeremy and I! email ... ... or just 7$ PPD to same address.