DISSERIPH "s/t" c11 (self released)

warp tunnel Cover Art
Not entirely pleased to post two not-exactly-glowing reviews in a row, but sometimes these things just have to be done. At first when I played this right after the Collapsed Arc tape I thought to myself "oh lord, not another loop station tape." But upon checking the Disseriph bandcamp, I learned that this music was in fact recorded live. Well I give the dude props for that at least. What do we have here? One guy playing four short songs with repetitive acoustic guitar figures and vocals. Self-tagged as "acoustic math rock new jersey." I really would have thought the licks were looped and it definitely takes some skill to play that way and sing over it. But that singing is some kind of emo-tionality heart-feelieness that just always rubs. me. the. wrong. way. And that kind of guitar playing has surely seen better days. Does anyone remember Storm & Stress? They were a gateway drug between Don Caballero and Battles (guitarist Ian Williams was in all three bands) and their 1997 debut on Thrill Jockey was letter perfect. I was even able to forgive them for their similar singing style, because the vocals took up about 3 minutes total of the 2LP set. Check THAT band out.