SELBYVILLE "Send Selbyville to Disneyworld" c40 (Tea First Records)

If I said this evokes the same kind of feeling that Hal Hartley's music does in his films, would you catch my drift? This tape is a little thing of wondrous beauty and it comes as quite a surprise, especially seeing as some of these guys live pretty close to me. It says here that this is a reissue of something that was first recorded in 2005 and released the next year. There is very little information available on Selbyville, but what I gather is that they are a trio whose members live in Portland, ME and Pittsburgh, PA. The band's music is mostly made up of interlocking guitar figures, but is occasionally augmented by some minimal keyboard playing, wordless vocals or light percussion. Selbyville's music immediately conjures up a kind of wintry nostalgia that I find incredibly moving. I mean deeply and truly moving. This is instrumental music played with real heart and grace and it's this kind of thing that makes the world a truly better place to live in.

Pick it up here before the drifts of snow cover your door...and you really should. The label has a Selbyville LP too. Hmm... I also found this interview with Artie, who runs Tea First and is a member of Selbyville. Thanks for sending me the tape Artie!