JUNK SICK "Rising Damp" c30 (Magik Crowbar Tapes / Altered States Tapes)

A co-release between two Australian noise labels, Rising Damp finds Australian noise duo Junk Sick making Australian noise with a (presumably) Japanese tape recorder and a loop pedal made in...well what does it matter. Very murky and, well, junk-sick sounding. If the shoe fits... Junk Sick had a split 12" lathe with C.C.C.C. earlier this year, so that's pretty cool...A lot of the A side sounds like a horse being boiled alive, i.e. AWESOME. The B side, brings it down a notch, sounding like what's left over after said boiling is completed. Maybe a little too much loop station on that part, but still, a solid effort all around.

Altered States Tapes
Magik Crowbar Tapes